Miata Interior Resurfacing

I recently purchased a 2007 Mazda MX-5. For the most part, it was in great condition. But there was one problem...

significant scratching on interior surfaces Interior Panel Scratches

In addition to looking shabby, it also had quite a rough feel to it which was unpleasant to touch. These scratches were all over this pillar, the interior door panels and the glove box.

When I began sanding I was slightly terrified that this was only going to get worse:

initial sanding Initial Sanding

However, after sanding with 200 grit, 300 grit, and 400 grit, wiping up all the dust, and then polishing with some special plastic restoration fluid, the result is actually not terrible!

polished and oiled Polished and Oiled

Bonus photo!

Icefields Parkway Icefields Parkway

2017-05-01, Robert Bruce Park