Robert Bruce Park


  • Programming: Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Bash, Perl, Lisp
  • Frameworks: Flask, AngularJS
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite3
  • Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Linux


Canonical Ltd

Software Engineer, August 2012 — April 2017

  • Used Test Driven Development to improve code performance & reliability
  • Maintained Ubuntu packages used by thousands of people
  • Developed system for automating Ubuntu package builds
  • Created responsive web interface that works on mobile & desktop
  • Required 100% unit test coverage from all contributors
  • Reduced size of project by 50% while maintaining feature parity
  • Improved unit test coverage from 20% to 100%
  • Achieved 60x performance increase for common tasks
Friends App
  • Implemented social media desktop client
  • Display aggregated Twitter/Facebook/etc feed


Barry Warsaw

"Robert is a great thinker and great developer. I worked closely with him while on the Foundations team at Canonical. I reviewed a lot of Robert's code over the years and was always impressed at his Python skills. Robert was eager to learn, confident in his choices, and collaborative in his approach. He is now quite the accomplished Python developer and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any organization."

Open Source Leadership


Creator, September 2010 — present

  • Created a graphical utility for geotagging photographs
  • Cross-reference photo timestamps with data from independent GPS devices
  • More than 1200 git commits over two years of development
  • Early adopter of GObject Introspection and Python 3

Daily Snapshot Builds for Ubuntu, April 2013 — present

  • Provide access to cutting-edge Emacs builds for all Ubuntu users every day.

Open Source Contributions


Contributor, November 2015 — October 2016

  • Notify Ubuntu developers about status of their package builds on IRC

Contributor, March 2014 — May 2014

  • Implemented an interactive command reference tool
  • Refactored extension API to simplify plugin creation

Contributor, July 2012 — Feb 2013

  • Added GObject Introspection support and authored Python bindings
  • Positioned GExiv2 as a replacement to pyexiv2 for users of Python 3
  • Improved precision of geotagging support

Bug Tester, November 2010 — April 2011

  • First person to use libchamplain in Python 3
  • Many bugs reported relating to GObject Introspection support