Thoughts on Minimalism

I've considered myself a minimalist for many years now. I spend a lot of time thinking about my personal possessions and different ways that I might "minimize" them.

Reading List

An incomplete list of books that I have greatly enjoyed in recent years and highly recommend reading.

We Have To Go Back

Overlapping windows were a mistake.


Static Website Generator

You can never have enough static website generators.

Creating a Responsive HTML Résumé

I'm back on the job market again, and that means one thing: Creating a professional résumé.


Weight Loss

I lost 50lbs thanks to this one weird book.

Chronic Back Pain

I suffer from chronic upper back pain, and I've tried many different products and services to alleviate it.


Pylint Velocity

This is a simple data visualizer. It uses pylint to find common problems in python code, and graphs the change with each commit to your project.


GottenGeography is a tool I created to geotag photographs. It aims to be easy to use with a simple drag and drop interface. Here is a quick tutorial.